New Chat System for 2017

We have deployed a new chat system! This one is very similar to the one we had been running with for years. Simple, clean, effective. It’s still open and free, planning for it to always be. Many people won’t even notice the change since it’s so similar, but those who use the smileys, emotes and emojis will likely see there have been some big changes in that area.

Can’t say we like the new emojis more or less than the smileys we had before. There are some things to like and some things to wish we still had the old ones. Maybe we’ll remix / mash them up one day. We’ll likely just keep the new enoji system and say farewell to the old.

We really tried to get the old system updated to play nice with modern code standards. It still worked mostly – but some were having issues with certain mobile devices and we noticed that our newer web server systems did not like it as much as they could. So without possible updates to the old system we had to move on to something new. This one is pretty solid, I think everyone will enjoy it.

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